A revolutionary college basketball event, The Players Era Festival, is set to take place in Las Vegas, featuring top teams like Alabama and Houston, fueled by name, image, and likeness compensation for players.

By the Numbers
  • 8 teams committed to play in the event for the next three seasons
  • $1 million NIL payouts for eight participating schools
Yes, But

Questions remain about the long-term viability of the event due to financial considerations.

State of Play
  • The event will feature two four-team formats during the week of Thanksgiving
  • Future events are expected to include additional teams like Gonzaga, Michigan, and Duke
What's Next

Organizers aim to expand the field to include at least 18 teams for the 2025 event and beyond, with plans for international-style group play championships.

Bottom Line

The Players Era Festival marks a significant shift in college basketball, introducing NIL compensations and a new model for the sport's landscape, potentially reshaping the early season scheduling dynamics.