Wayne State University football team celebrates as 40 members earn GLIAC All-Academic honors, with 27 recipients making the All-Academic Excellence Team.

By the Numbers
  • 380 Warrior football players have received GLIAC All-Academic honors over the past nine years.
  • 27 team members awarded All-Academic Excellence Team for maintaining a GPA of at least 3.5.
State of Play
  • Criteria require student-athletes to be active roster members, not freshmen or first-year transfers.
  • Several players recognized for multiple consecutive years for academic excellence.
What's Next

Expectations rise for future academic achievements as Wayne State's football program continues to produce scholarly athletes. The focus remains on sustaining academic success alongside athletic prowess.

Bottom Line

Wayne State University's football team sets a remarkable standard with 40 players earning GLIAC All-Academic honors, showcasing a commitment to excellence in both academics and athletics.