Zach Edey is projected as an ideal replacement for Isaiah Hartenstein on the New York Knicks, with analysts praising his skills as a center and fit for the team's style of play.

By the Numbers
  • Zach Edey is a 7-foot-4 rookie center in the 2024 NBA Draft.
  • New York Knicks are projected to select Edey with the 25th pick.
  • Knicks' system values hard screens, post scoring, rebounding, and rim protection over three-point shooting for big men.
Yes, But

The main concern around Edey's NBA success is his ability to handle the speed of the game, especially considering the Knicks' slow pace this season.

State of Play
  • Zach Edey is seen as a strong fit for the New York Knicks under coach Tom Thibodeau's system.
  • The Knicks have the option to move up in the draft to secure Edey if needed.
What's Next

If the Knicks pursue Zach Edey aggressively, he could bolster their bench and potentially elevate their interior scoring, bringing them closer to championship contention.

Bottom Line

Zach Edey's potential selection by the New York Knicks as a replacement for Isaiah Hartenstein could significantly impact the team's performance, aligning with their strategic focus on physicality and interior play.