Alabama Basketball is set to face North Carolina and Houston next season, marking significant matchups for the program under Nate Oats.

By the Numbers
  • Alabama will take on North Carolina on Dec. 4 in a rematch of last season's Sweet 16 battle.
  • This will be the seventh meeting between Alabama and Houston, with both teams currently tied at 3-3.
Yes, But

Alabama faces tough competition in these matchups, with North Carolina holding historical series advantage and Houston proving to be a challenging opponent.

State of Play
  • Alabama's basketball program has significantly improved under Nate Oats' leadership.
  • The addition of DeBoer as head coach has brought a fresh perspective and innovative approaches to the team.
  • In the NFL, former Alabama players like Chris Braswell and Derrick Henry continue to excel in their professional careers.
What's Next

These upcoming challenging matchups will test Alabama's basketball program and showcase their growth under Nate Oats.

Bottom Line

Alabama's basketball program faces exciting challenges ahead, demonstrating their evolution and commitment to competing at the highest level in collegiate basketball.