Trade deadline season is nearing, with the Atlanta Braves looking to address their needs amid a challenging 2024 season affected by injuries and performance fluctuations.

By the Numbers
  • Atlanta Braves had a 19-9 record after April, but finished May below .500 with a 13-14 record.
  • As of June 13, the Braves are 35-30, on a five-game losing streak, and 10 games back from the division lead.
Yes, But

Acquiring Luis Robert Jr. from the White Sox could bolster the Braves, but the cost and the team's farm system depth pose challenges.

State of Play
  • Braves are struggling offensively, especially after the injury to Ronald Acuna Jr., impacting their platoon plans and overall performance.
  • The team's current record stands at 35-30, with recent losses to unexpected opponents like the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles.
What's Next

If the Braves pursue Luis Robert Jr., it could reshape their outfield and offer a solution to offset the loss of Acuna Jr., potentially impacting the team's performance positively.

Bottom Line

Despite facing offensive struggles and injuries, acquiring Luis Robert Jr. could be a strategic move for the Braves at the trade deadline, albeit with significant cost implications.