With the MLB trade deadline approaching, the Seattle Mariners roster is expected to undergo significant changes, potentially seeing players either traded or demoted to AAA. Eduard Bazardo, Jhonathan Diaz, Kirby Snead, and Matt Bowman have already experienced recent roster movements. The bullpen, particularly, is anticipated to witness considerable turnover, with new additions like Gabe Speier and Gregory Santos expected. Changes in the active bullpen as of 6/11 hint at further alterations by August. There is a likelihood of at least three names in the bullpen seeing changes, such as Mike Baumann and Brett de Gues. The ongoing shifts and potential additions indicate a dynamic roster evolution for the Mariners.

By the Numbers
  • Roster changes involving Eduard Bazardo, Jhonathan Diaz, Kirby Snead, and Matt Bowman
  • Anticipated bullpen alterations with the introduction of Gabe Speier and Gregory Santos
  • Potential turnover in the active bullpen by August, including at least three names
Yes, But

The roster changes remain speculative, subject to unforeseen developments or team decisions.

What's Next

Further adjustments are expected in the Mariners' roster composition, with ongoing rumors and potential trade activities impacting player movements.

Bottom Line

The Seattle Mariners are poised for significant roster transformations as the MLB trade deadline approaches, with the bullpen likely to see notable turnovers and additions, signaling a dynamic period for the team's composition.