A dramatic reversal by the MIAA has declared Pembroke the winner over Newburyport in the girls' tennis semifinal, leading to Pembroke advancing to the State Championship.

By the Numbers
  • Pembroke won the match 3-2 for the second time.
  • Newburyport's quest for a third straight Division 3 Championship ends with a 17-4 season record.
Yes, But

The misapplication of rules by the MIAA official led to confusion and dispute over the match outcome.

State of Play
  • Pembroke (19-2) moves on to face Weston in the State Championship.
  • Newburyport's successful doubles squads were not enough to secure the win against Pembroke's singles dominance.
What's Next

Despite the controversy, the MIAA's decision stands, making Pembroke the official winner and confirming Newburyport's loss.

Bottom Line

A dispute over a misapplied rule led to a tumultuous end to a high school tennis match, altering the course of the championship and crowning a new victor in Division 3.