St. John is set to compete in Division I in girls' tennis, among 14 fall and winter sports requests from 11 schools to move up for the 2024-25 school year, aiming to face new challenges despite being one of the smallest schools in the state.

By the Numbers
  • Heralds will be among 24 adjustments in divisional placements in seven sports for the upcoming school year.
  • Saint John may have its largest team with 13 to 15 players, heralding a potentially more balanced season.
Yes, But

No changes in representation between D1 and D2 occurred, and no requests were denied, reflecting a smooth transition process.

State of Play
  • Schools have until June 25 for wrestling requests and September 13 for spring sports to request a move to Division I.
  • Preliminary spring sport divisional assignments will be reviewed in August, giving schools a final chance to opt for D1 in 2025 spring sports.
What's Next

Upcoming deadlines for wrestling and spring sports requests pave the way for potential further shifts in divisional placements, impacting school sports dynamics.

Bottom Line

St. John's move to Division I in girls' tennis signifies a strategic shift to face tougher competition, reflecting a broader trend of schools adjusting divisional placements for the upcoming school year.