Locked On Texas Tech discusses the most slept on players heading into 2024, highlighting major and minor sleepers, in Lubbock, TX.

By the Numbers
  • Locked On Texas Tech podcast episode focusing on underrated players for the upcoming season.
  • Promotion of the podcast available on various platforms including Twitter and through a specific link.
State of Play
  • Locked On Texas Tech is part of the Locked On Podcast Network, catering to Red Raiders fans.
  • Promotion of the podcast includes support from sponsors like LinkedIn, Gametime, FanDuel, and eBay Motors.
What's Next

Future episodes may delve deeper into the potential of the players highlighted as slept on for the upcoming season.

Bottom Line

Locked On Texas Tech highlights underrated players for the 2024 season, offering a platform for in-depth analysis and discussion to engage Red Raiders fans.