Alan Jouban suggests WWE's recent spectacle at the UFC APEX could prompt changes in UFC events, as Dana White dislikes being outdone.

By the Numbers
  • UFC APEX hosted WWE's NXT Battleground event on Sunday night.
  • A UFC event in Louisville drew a record $2.5 million gate, surpassing the previous record set in St. Louis.
Yes, But

While UFC APEX shows may continue, there is a possibility of changes to enhance the events following WWE's successful production.

State of Play
  • UFC initially used APEX due to the pandemic but later found financial benefits and aims to reduce events at the venue.
  • Alan Jouban believes WWE's NXT event could inspire UFC to improve the atmosphere and production of APEX events.
What's Next

The success of WWE at APEX might lead to UFC enhancing their events with a larger live audience and improved production.

Bottom Line

WWE's impact at the UFC APEX could spark necessary changes and improvements in UFC events, pushing for a more dynamic and engaging experience for fans and fighters alike.