White Sox outfielder Tommy Pham has been activated from the injured list ahead of facing his former team, the Diamondbacks, this weekend. Pham, who helped lead the Diamondbacks to the World Series last year, will start in right field and lead off the series opener while also receiving his National League pennant ring.

By the Numbers
  • Pham played 50 games for the Diamondbacks in the regular season.
  • Pham has a .280 batting average and .733 OPS with three home runs and three steals for the White Sox this season.
Yes, But

Despite Pham's contributions, the White Sox are currently in last place, leading to trade rumors surrounding him.

State of Play
  • Pham's return to play against the Diamondbacks, a team he helped reach the World Series, adds an emotional element to the upcoming series.
  • Arizona made moves to strengthen their outfield and designated hitter positions after Pham and Evan Longoria did not return following the World Series.
What's Next

With Pham's activation, there is anticipation for an impactful performance against his former team as the series unfolds.

Bottom Line

Tommy Pham's return to face the Diamondbacks adds intrigue and emotion to the upcoming series, highlighting his significant past contributions and the current trade speculation surrounding him.