A discussion is ongoing on whether Colton Cowser should replace Cedric Mullins as the everyday centerfielder for the Orioles due to Mullins' offensive struggles and Cowser's strong performance both at the plate and defensively.

By the Numbers
  • Mullins has a .174/.222/.310 slash line in 60 games in the current season.
  • Cowser has a .230/.321/.417 slash line with a 115 OPS+ in 63 games.
Yes, But

Both players have shown recent offensive struggles, raising concerns about their consistency and impact in the lineup.

State of Play
  • Mullins has been a defensive asset, but his offensive production has been lacking recently.
  • Cowser has demonstrated defensive prowess in all outfield positions and is considered ready for a full-time center field role.
  • Internal options for center field in the Orioles roster are limited to Hays and Mateo.
What's Next

With the trade deadline approaching, external options like Luis Robert could be considered to strengthen the Orioles lineup in center field.

Bottom Line

Considering current performance and potential, replacing Mullins with Cowser in center field appears to be the Orioles' best move for lineup improvement.