Daniel Cormier advises Michael Chandler to move on from the Conor McGregor fight following its latest cancellation, emphasizing Chandler's need to keep fighting to pursue his goal of becoming a world champion.

By the Numbers
  • McGregor's first octagon appearance since July 10, 2021 ended with a leg fracture.
  • Chandler has not fought since November 2022, with his last bout resulting in a submission loss to Poirier.
Yes, But

Some speculate McGregor's injury might be minor, potentially allowing him to return to action by August or September.

State of Play
  • Chandler is urged to consider his next move strategically as time is ticking for him, being 38 years old.
  • There is doubt about McGregor's future in fighting, with concerns raised about his willingness to compete at his present stage.
What's Next

The focus shifts to Chandler's decision-making, and the potential impact of moving on from the McGregor fight on his pursuit of the world champion title.

Bottom Line

Cormier's advice to Chandler underscores the urgency of actively seeking fights to advance in the division, indicating a pivotal moment for Chandler's career direction amidst uncertainty surrounding McGregor's return to the octagon.