UFC Vegas 93 at the Apex facility in Las Vegas features a Flyweight main event fight between Alex Perez and Tatsuro Taira following a controversial main event in Kentucky.

By the Numbers
  • UFC Vegas 93 marks the 100th event at UFC Apex.
  • Jose Johnson, at 6'0", becomes the tallest Flyweight in UFC history after moving down from Bantamweight.
  • Thirteen fighters on the card are coming off wins, while nine are coming off losses.
  • The event features fighters from Welterweight to Women's Flyweight divisions, but no Heavyweights, Light Heavyweights, or Middleweights.
Yes, But

Despite the lack of star power, UFC Vegas 93 boasts exciting matchups and storylines, showcasing the depth of talent in the Flyweight division.

State of Play
  • Alex Perez aims to continue his active streak after multiple canceled fights, while Tatsuro Taira seeks to make an impact in his first main event.
  • Fighters making UFC debuts add fresh faces to the event, promising new talent to watch.
  • The absence of Heavyweights, Light Heavyweights, and Middleweights highlights the showcasing of lower weight classes.
What's Next

As UFC Vegas 93 unfolds, the results could potentially lead to shifts in rankings and title contention in the Flyweight division, setting the stage for upcoming matchups and opportunities for emerging fighters.

Bottom Line

UFC Vegas 93 at Apex may lack big names, but it promises thrilling matchups and a spotlight on the Flyweight division's depth and potential for new stars to emerge, shaping the future of the UFC landscape.