Keron Reed is facing challenges in securing fights, with several opponents backing out and affecting his activity in the pro MMA scene.

By the Numbers
  • Reed's pro record stands at 2-1.
  • He has had six fights fall through since his pro debut.
Yes, But

Reed acknowledges that both opponents avoiding him and a lack of regional fighters contribute to his struggle in booking fights.

State of Play
  • Reed is scheduled to fight Christian McAuley, who holds a 3-0 record with two wins in the Cage Fury promotion.
  • McAuley is perceived as a good fighter, but Reed believes he has the skills to dominate the fight.
What's Next

Reed is focused on making the most of the opportunities he gets, aiming to build his name and experience in the MMA circuit.

Bottom Line

Despite facing setbacks with opponent pull-outs, Keron Reed remains determined to excel in his MMA career, determined to seize every chance for growth and recognition.