Los Angeles Angels' Anthony Rendon is facing criticism from MLB players off the field, being dubbed as overrated despite his current injury struggles and high salary. The Athletic's poll revealed Rendon ranked second in the "most overrated player" category, with scarce comments justifying this sentiment. Players seem irked by his complaints about the baseball season's length and his lack of prioritization of the sport, given his lucrative contract. Rendon's reputation has shifted from being underrated in 2019 to now facing substantial backlash, raising questions about his future performance upon his return.

By the Numbers
  • Rendon ranked second in the "most overrated player" poll among 100+ MLB players.
  • Jazz Chisholm was the top pick, receiving 20% of the votes.
Yes, But

No detailed explanations were provided by players for voting Rendon as overrated.

What's Next

Rendon's response to the current criticism and whether he can bounce back upon his return remains uncertain.

Bottom Line

Anthony Rendon, once considered underrated, now faces the spotlight as an overrated player in the eyes of many MLB peers, prompting speculation on his future performance and how he'll handle the backlash.