Reviewing the standout freshmen defensemen of the 2024 college lacrosse season, Quintan Kilrain of Johns Hopkins thrived in transitioning to close defense mid-season, tallying 11 turnovers and 33 ground balls. Georgetown's Ty Banks emerged as a key player with 24 caused turnovers and 33 ground balls, while Notre Dame's Shawn Lyght shone as a top cover man with 19 ground balls and six turnovers. North Carolina's Peter Thomann led in caused turnovers with 21, and Vermont's Jack Combs showcased a stellar performance with 26 caused turnovers. Virginia's Will Erdmann contributed significantly to the Cavaliers' defense with 24 ground balls and nine turnovers.

By the Numbers
  • Quintan Kilrain: 11 turnovers, 33 ground balls
  • Ty Banks: 24 caused turnovers, 33 ground balls
  • Shawn Lyght: 19 ground balls, 6 turnovers
  • Peter Thomann: 21 caused turnovers, 28 ground balls
  • Jack Combs: 26 caused turnovers, 70 ground balls
  • Will Erdmann: 24 ground balls, 9 turnovers
What's Next

The future looks bright for these talented freshmen defensemen as they continue to grow and make an impact in college lacrosse. It will be interesting to see how their careers unfold and if they maintain their impressive performances in the coming seasons.

Bottom Line

The 2024 season showcased a group of standout freshmen defensemen who made significant contributions to their teams through turnovers, ground balls, and solid defensive performances. Keep an eye on these young players as they are poised to continue leaving their mark on college lacrosse.