Zayne Parekh, a top prospect in the 2024 NHL Draft, showcases exceptional offensive skills but questions linger about his defensive abilities. Despite concerns, he has proven to be a standout offensive defenseman, even leading the Saginaw Spirit to a Memorial Cup championship. Parekh's confidence in his playing style and capabilities sets him apart as an entertaining and dynamic player. While his defensive game has raised initial doubts, scouts now believe in his advanced skills and potential impact in the NHL.

By the Numbers
  • 33 goals and 96 points scored by Parekh in a highly productive draft-eligible season.
  • Parekh's offensive prowess ranks as the third most productive U-18 season by an OHL defender.
  • Ryan Ellis, since 2000, is the only player with at least 100 points in a season, showcasing Parekh's potential to set new records.
Yes, But

Initial concerns about Parekh's defensive capabilities have been addressed, with scouts now viewing his advanced skills positively.

State of Play
  • Parekh's offensive dominance and newfound defensive acumen position him as a top prospect in the 2024 NHL Draft.
  • Scouts highlight Parekh's confidence, determination, and ability to withstand pressure, making him a resilient competitor.
What's Next

Parekh aims to further improve and believes in his potential to excel defensively once in the NHL.

Bottom Line

Zayne Parekh's unique blend of offensive flair, confidence, and evolving defensive skills make him a compelling and potentially impactful player in the NHL, setting the stage for an exciting career ahead.