A former Century High School track and field star, Matejah Mangum, has emerged as one of Idaho's most prolific sprinters, setting records and winning championships.

By the Numbers
  • Mangum was the first girl in Idaho to complete the 100-meter dash in under 12 seconds at a state meet.
  • She achieved a perfect 26-0 record in the 200 high school race, becoming a standout in her field.
State of Play
  • Mangum's journey from humble beginnings to athletic success highlights her perseverance and dedication.
  • She overcame challenges, including a mid-season transfer and injuries, to secure multiple state titles and college opportunities.
What's Next

Mangum's future includes competing in the heptathlon at the University of Utah, building on her impressive track record and achievements.

Bottom Line

Mangum's story of resilience and triumph exemplifies the power of perseverance, family support, and faith in pursuing one's dreams against all odds.