Super sophomore Lauren Quarm from Methuen set a new area record in the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.92 at the Meet of Champions, surpassing the previous mark held by Wileshka Samuel. Quarm achieved this feat five times during the spring season, showcasing her exceptional talent. Additionally, other standout sprinters, including Jason DeJesus from Andover and Natanael Vigo Catala from Haverhill, nearly broke records in their respective events.

By the Numbers
  • Lauren Quarm's new Eagle-Tribune area record in the 100-meter dash: 11.92 seconds
  • Previous area record held by Wileshka Samuel: 12.17 seconds
  • Jason DeJesus's time in the dash: 10.69 seconds
  • Natanael Vigo Catala's time in the 200-meter dash: 21.70 seconds
Yes, But

The departure of Pentucket Regional athletic director Dan Thornton, a highly respected figure after 21 years of service, marks a significant loss in the local sports community.

State of Play
  • Lauren Quarm's record-breaking achievement highlights the exceptional talent present in the local track and field scene.
  • The behavior exhibited by a non-local team's student fan section during a recent championship game raised concerns about sportsmanship and respect in high school sports.
What's Next

Future seasons will likely see continued excellence from standout athletes like Lauren Quarm and potential new records being set in local track and field events.

Bottom Line

Lauren Quarm's record-breaking performance underscores the immense talent and dedication within the local track and field community, while also shedding light on the importance of sportsmanship and respect in high school sports.