Welcome to The Hockey Writers’ Final 2024 Draft Rankings, combining rankings from top prospects writers with an average ranking spot for the top-32 prospects. Macklin Celebrini maintains his top spot thanks to his outstanding offensive talent and achievements. Ivan Demidov and Anton Silayev also stand out with their potential for top-end NHL careers. Levshunov, Catton, and Dickinson showcase their strengths making them valuable prospects as well.

By the Numbers
  • Macklin Celebrini finished with 64 points in 38 games at Boston University.
  • Ivan Demidov scored 64 points in 44 games in the MHL.
Yes, But

There are different opinions on some prospects, like Anton Silayev, demonstrating the varying perspectives within the rankings.

State of Play
  • Macklin Celebrini remains at the top of the rankings with his exceptional offensive skills.
  • Ivan Demidov shows promise as a top-end talent with clear potential in the NHL.
  • Carter Yakemchuk stands out as a dynamic, offensive player in the WHL.
What's Next

Future developments will likely focus on how these top-ranked prospects perform in upcoming seasons and their transition to professional hockey.

Bottom Line

The 2024 Draft Rankings highlight the diverse range of talent in the upcoming NHL draft, offering teams a mix of elite offensive skills, defensive prowess, and potential future stars.