Previewing key departures and additions for Missouri's opponent, Auburn, ahead of the upcoming season matchup in Week 8.

By the Numbers
  • Last season's record: 6-7
  • Auburn lost five key players to the NFL draft, including CB Nehemiah Pritchett, S Jaylin Simpson, and DT Marcus Harris.
  • New additions to Auburn's roster include WR Keandre Lambert-Smith, DE Keyron Crawford, and S Jerrin Thompson.
Yes, But

The departure of significant NFL-bound players poses a challenge for Auburn's defense and overall team composition.

State of Play
  • Auburn is in a transition phase with notable departures and new additions reshaping the team dynamics.
  • The team is gearing up to face Missouri in Week 8 on Oct. 19, with a mix of experienced and incoming talent.
What's Next

Auburn aims to integrate its new additions effectively while compensating for the loss of key defensive players in the upcoming season.

Bottom Line

Amidst significant departures to the NFL, Auburn is strategically enhancing its roster with promising new talents to maintain competitiveness in the upcoming matchups.