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Meet Brian Hoffman: Viera High School boys varsity golf coach

Meet Brian Hoffman: Viera High School boys varsity golf coach
Courtesy: Kara Turey

Kara Turey - BVM Sports User Submission

MELBOURNE, Fla. — Coaching is a tough job and coaching one of the first sports to be played during a pandemic can be stressful. Golf is one of the first sports of the fall season. It is still summer on the Space Coast when golf begins its season, but the beauty of the courses, and just having the opportunity to play when many thought there would not be sports is priceless.

Brian Hoffman is the Viera High School Boys Varsity Golf Coach. A former PGA Professional, he has been the high school coach for the past two years and passionate about the sport.

Being a high school coach of a boys team can be difficult for some, and it takes various skills and qualities on part of the coach to be successful. One of those is listening to the team. Coach Hoffman gives 100% effort to each player, and not just the elite athletes. He believes the effort shown to each one makes a cohesive team that can win and grow together. Another great quality of a coach is respect. Hoffman exhibits this in his coaching philosophy: Respect each player, treat each boy fairly, and embrace that each golfer has a unique skill set they all bring together to hopefully have a good season.

Courtesy: Kara Turey

The in-conference match schedule this season was different than in years past where they were able to play schools from other areas across the state. However, Coach Hoffman’s team embraced it and looked at it as a gift that they still had a season, knowing that other states and counties did not. In a crazy season like it was, he was excited the team was undefeated (in-conference) and was grateful every day for the time he was able to spend with the boys. In addition, the boys shot the school team record against Edgewood! Watching the boys grow together and mature over the last few months was great for him.

Every year and every season is new, no matter what sport or activity it is. When asked how he approaches coaching each season, Coach Hoffman said, “Fresh Start! Each year is different and brings a different set of challenges. Being open to them will ensure we continue to grow.”

Watching the seniors enjoy their last season, while the freshman and underclassman looked up to them to fill that role was a joy for Coach Hoffman. The team made it to districts, and unfortunately, fourth place wasn’t high enough to continue as a team to Regionals. Senior Sam Karman, though, made it to Regionals and the boys were there to cheer him on. However, Sam’s run for States ended at Regionals, but he plans to play in many tournaments in the upcoming months.

Hoffman said, “This year was VERY different with COVID – but we were just happy to have the season! All the boys contributed to a fantastic memorable season!”

Expect to see Coach Hoffman continue coaching and around golf for many years to come. It is his passion and he has the qualities, the leadership, and the right outlook on what makes a successful and effective coach.

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