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How does this work?

Step 1

People, just like you, send us a story or news tip on a local athlete/coach/team.

Step 2

The BVM Sports team will review your submission.

Step 3

Once approved, your post will be published and available online under the local tab for others to see.

Step 4

Share your article with family, friends, teammates, coaches, etc.

Who can submit a story?

Anyone 12 and older can do this.

What if I don’t know the whole story?

Send us the information you do have as a news tip and our professional writers can fill in the gaps.

Do I need permission from the subject of my story to submit it to you?

No, but give credit where it’s due for any photos or videos that aren’t your own.

I’m not a very good writer, can you help?

Yes. Just tell us – in your own words – the who, what, when, where and why of your story and we’ll take it from there.

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What stories do we publish?

Sports stories! We’re interested in all types, but we most often receive spotlights and event stories about local athletes, coaches and teams.

What’s a spotlight story?

Spotlights tend to profile the subject (athlete/coach/team) in a way that helps the reader get to know them better. These aren’t necessarily time sensitive and vary in length.
Live Example of a Spotlight Story

What’s an event story?

Event stories detail what occured during a game, meet, match, tournament, etc. They notify the reader of a competition that took place: who was in it, what they accomplished and provide a final result. These types of stories tend to be shorter.
Live Example of a Event Story

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Why should I submit a story?

Help your local stars’ stories be shared alongside the pros on our national platform.


Give your local story a home on our national website.


Help the people in your local area learn about the athletes, coaches and teams you care about.


Share stories on exceptional athletes to help them gain visibility with coaches at the next level.


Other media outlets may not show interest in what you care about, but we will.

What information should I include?

First and last names of athletes and coaches as well as proper school/team names are helpful. If you know relevant statistics and records, those are great too. Anything that will help readers understand without needing to dig for more elsewhere online.

Who can see what I submit if it’s published?

Anyone that visits BVM Sports. Your submission will go to your local page and can appear under specific sport tabs and school/team pages as well.

Are you only interested in text and photos?
Can I include video highlights in my submission?

Yes. Videos are not required, but we do recommend you share highlights that will help bring your story to life even more.

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What sports do we cover?

If it’s considered a sport, we cover it!
All levels too, including the Olympics, Paralympics and Special Olympics.

Where do we publish?

We publish stories about sports happening all over the world, but primarily focus our coverage in the United States and Canada.

How do I only see content that’s local to me?

BVM Sports creates a local experience for every user based on postal code. You can change your postal code at any time from the local tab or our account.

Will you publish my story if it’s outside of the U.S. or Canada?

Yes. BVM Sports offers local, national and internation sports coverage.

I want to share my story now

What are people saying

“BVM Sports is providing a new, worthwhile way for athletes, parents and coaches to celebrate those accomplishments by simply uploading a short story and photos/videos to the website. What a great way to bring national exposure to local athletes.”


“It was a delight to see my story published on BVM Sports. I shared the story with all my Facebook friends. It was so nice to see this amazing local woman featured nationally.”


Are you a school/team official?

Control the content on your page and post stories you want told.

Should I claim my page?

We recommend those with the following titles to claim their school/team page: Communications/PR, Athletic Director, Sports Information Director, Booster Club President, School Administrator, etc.

How do you verify I’m eligible to claim a page?

We may contact you directly if necessary to ensure the appropriate person gets ownership rights.

I am not eligible but I know who is. How do I share this with them?

Click the magnifying glass in the top menu and type in your school or team name. Locate the page and send them the URL. On all non-verified pages, we offer links for users to claim.

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