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Hayden Bullock’s discus journey from Bellbrook HS to Air Force Academy
Courtesy: Teresa Havens

Hayden Bullock’s discus journey from Bellbrook HS to Air Force Academy

BELLBROOK, Ohio — Hayden Bullock (Bellbrook High School Class of 2019) started throwing his sophomore year at Bellbrook High in order to stay in shape for football. He wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the sport.

He is currently a sophomore at the United States Air Force Academy where he throws. This season many meets have been canceled, including the indoor conference championship, due to COVID-19. He has still made an impact this season placing 7th in the indoor shot put at the Championships at the Peak meet. This meet included schools like Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, BYU, and many other powerhouse schools. He finished the indoor season ranked 3rd in the Mountain West Conference.

Courtesy: Teresa Havens

Hayden’s journey has not gone without disappointment. “I tore my ACL my senior year (playing football), and it truly broke my spirits, and ultimately led to the end of my football career.” Hayden didn’t give up on sports though, in college he began to focus more on throwing.  What’s he most proud of? “Never giving up on myself.”

Hayden loves the challenge of being a competitive D1 athlete while still adhering to the strict military and academic standards of the academy. He lifts 4-6 times per week and practices 6 days per week. “I enjoy being able to see results from the work I put in. I completely control how hard I work, and in turn how far the throws go.”

Hayden’s current coach, Dana Lyon threw at the Air Force Academy, winning two National Championships in the javelin. Her husband was killed while they were both deployed to Afghanistan. She came back to the Air Force Academy to lead and be a coach despite how difficult it is with the memories the Academy brings to her of her and her husband. “She does it for us, and so it is only right to give her the same amount of work she gives us”, says Hayden.

When asked what the greatest lesson he has learned from his sport Hayden replies, “You get out of everything exactly what you put in.”

Hayden is working toward making the 2024 Olympic team for discus. Bellbrook hopes to see you in Paris Hayden!

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