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Tyler Myers proving he is one of Indiana’s most lethal scorers
Tyler Myers hopes to be at the top of the Evansville Day School all-time scoring list by the end of his junior season. (Photo: Amanda Bultemeier)

Tyler Myers proving he is one of Indiana’s most lethal scorers

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (BVM) – Tyler Myers may not play for one of the big-time schools in Indiana. In fact, the Evansville Day School junior actually suits up for one of the smallest. Still, he is showing time and again on the court that he remains one of Indiana’s most dangerous scoring threats.

Myers’ game has flourished since he first began playing over a decade ago. A multi-sport athlete who still plays soccer and competes in track at Evansville Day, basketball was the main family sport growing up.

“A lot of family members played the game,” Myers said. “To me, it’s the most successful game in the world, just about anybody can play it. There’s no excuse not to get better at it every day.”

The 5-foot-10 guard grew up idolizing a similarly undersized guard in former Indiana star Yogi Ferrell. He has also looked up to Trae Young over the last few years at the NBA level. 

Tyler Myers averaged around 25 points per game as just a freshman at Evansville Day School. (Photo: Amanda Bultemeier)

Thus far in his career, Myers’ scoring prowess is quite comparable to those two stars, and it began during his youth. Myers’ first realization of his elite basketball talent came in sixth grade when he got to play against the eighth graders at his school and more than held his own with over 20 points per game in the contests they played against the older opponents.

Interestingly enough, Myers went from 1,000 kids in his class in eighth grade to Evansville Day School where there are less than 100 students in the high school total.

“It was insane, it was a huge adjustment for me,” Myers said about his freshman year. “What we did that year was very special because we bonded and had an unselfish attitude. We performed very well.”

Although most of the incoming freshmen had not played together, a strong group of upperclassmen led the Eagles to the sectional finals. Myers also dazzled in his first season, averaging around 25 points per game and breaking the single-game scoring record at the school with a 46-point effort.


Myers did not slow down at all during his sophomore year. Throughout the season, the guard averaged over 30 points and nearly eight rebounds, also contributing four steals per game. In addition, he reached the 1,000-point plateau as just a sophomore, moving higher and higher on the city’s all-time scoring list. 

Yet, Myers is a true competitor who strives for greatness. Despite the special numbers of the 2020-21 campaign, the Evansville Day standout still felt he was capable of more.

“I really just wanted it that year, but when I came out sophomore year, I just felt something,” Myers said. “Even during the games, I was like, ‘I can do more, I can get better. I’m really happy where I’m at right now, but I can do more and I see holes in my game.’”

Myers set new goals for himself such as being able to shoot from anywhere inside of half court and dribbling through traffic without turning the ball over. Someone who you already couldn’t keep out of the gym, Myers put in even more work last summer.

“I knew that was going to come through a lot of hard work,” Myers added. “Last summer was the hardest summer of my life basketball wise. I put in even more hours than my freshman and sophomore years. I’ve put in more work than ever.”

Tyler Myers averaged over 30 points per game as a sophomore, but he continued to put in work over the summer to get even better for his junior season. (Photo: Amanda Bultemeier)

The work has more than paid off for Myers. Although Evansville Day started the season slow, the guard believes they are finally turning the corner. Part of that comes from his play, as Myers is averaging over 37 points per game – the highest mark in the state of Indiana – to go along with six rebounds and four assists.

He continues to open eyes performance after performance. In early January, he broke his own school and city record with a 50-point performance. He has since done so again with a recent 53-point outing, and is coming off a strong effort at the Carmi-White County Invitation Tournament in which he made the all-tournament team.

“This season has been tremendous,” Myers said. “Did I dream of scoring 50 points? Yeah, that’s kind of been one of my goals, but I’m still going to keep going. I know that the biggest thing I have to do is first get the win. If you have 57 without a win, then it just doesn’t mean anything. Both times I got 50 points, we got the win.”

Myers also now sits in the top five of the Evansville city all-time scoring list, and is poised to move up to the top sooner than later. A player who should be an all-state selection after getting overlooked the past two seasons, Myers hopes he can bring respect to his city and the entire southern portion of the state.

“I felt like I got snubbed for all-state last year and the year before,” Myers said. “I don’t feel like the Indiana coaches’ poll respects southern Indiana as a whole as much as they do central and northern Indiana, and I think that should be a challenge for all of us ball players down here in southern Indiana. I’ll tell you, we’re good, we’re very good. There are a lot of good ball players down here and I think every one of us has to take it personally. That’s another thing we can use to motivate us each and every year.”


The incredible play Myers continues to display on the court is special, but for him, it means nothing if it doesn’t help him achieve his team goals.

“This is a brotherhood,” Myers said. “The individual success is great, but we need wins. My biggest dream is to win the state title, and that’s what we need to continue to strive for.

“Someone can out-score me if they want to. They can have 1,500 points. I’ll score two and I’ll take the win. That’s the mindset every basketball player on this earth should have. The biggest score on the scoreboard is the one that says Eagles, not Myers.”

After his junior season is finished, Myers hopes to play high-level AAU basketball through the summer. As he concludes his high school career, Myers wants to break the program scoring record, which he could still likely do this season. By his senior year, he could very likely sit atop the city’s all-time scoring list as well.

While he hasn’t received any official offers yet, Tyler Myers is poised to become a key contributor for whichever college program he plays for. (Photo: Amanda Bultemeier)

While the scoring numbers are certainly the highlight, Myers also wants to continue proving that he is a complete player rather than being known as just a scorer.


“I think the hard work that I’ve put in is showing,” Myers said. “I want to continue my all-around game and not just be known as a scorer. I want to be an all-around player, a guy that when other coaches look they say, ‘That’s who I want on my team. I don’t just want him in my fantasy league, I want him on my team.’”

Myers hopes that all-around talent is being seen at the collegiate level. Although he has talked and gained interest from many schools, the guard has yet to receive any official offers. With his love of the game, he wants to continue playing basketball as long as he can, and is prepared to do whatever it takes for any program that gives him a chance.

“I know a lot of people have this picture of me that I just like to score,” Myers explained. “I honestly want to be the guy that gets on the floor every single possession. In my college career, I could care less if I score zero points or 1,000, I just want to play. I want an opportunity to further my education, and to get out there and play as hard as I can and compete with the best players in the world.”

Offers should begin rolling in soon enough for the talented guard. For now, he’s just focused on taking things one game at a time. A dazzling, record-setting high school career at Evansville Day will soon be coming down the homestretch, but Myers is prepared to enjoy every last minute of it.

“It felt like freshman year was last week,” Myers concluded. “My time at Evansville Day School has gone by so quickly. I have to enjoy the ride. If you’re not enjoying what you love, you’re not doing what you should be doing.

“Every time I step out on the floor it could be my last. I just have to be grateful for the opportunities that are given to me each and every day and there’s a plethora of them. I just have to be ready when it’s my time to go.”

Photo: Tyler Myers hopes to be at the top of the Evansville Day School all-time scoring list by the end of his junior season. (Photo: Amanda Bultemeier)