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Mikey Gow goes viral as first known ambidextrous QB
Mikey Gow is ready to lead the Chieftains to a state title. (Credit: Bellevue East High School Athletics)

Mikey Gow goes viral as first known ambidextrous QB

BELLEVUE, Neb. (BVM) — There have been numerous high school sensations throughout the football world. Players like Lamar Jackson and Johnny Manziel helped revolutionize the quarterback position. Now there’s another QB set to change the game. His name is Mikey Gow.

At 14 years old, Gow is already taking the football world by storm. He has visited Michigan, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Ole Miss, Texas and many other DI programs. But thanks to a viral video, the interest in him has skyrocketed. 

Along with interest from college programs, Gow’s video also caught the eye of NFL superstar Jackson.

“That was awesome [to see],” Gow said. “From someone like Lamar Jackson to say that is crazy to me, it just blew my mind. I really respected for him for reaching out, and it really made my year, to be honest.”

Along with Jackson reaching out, Gow also heard from Pat Venditte. Venditte was the first ambidextrous pitcher to pitch in MLB.

“I started switch throwing before I met Pat Venditte,” Gow said. “He’s [truly] my inspiration…But when I met him, it was a game changer. He reached out also, and that was crazy.”

Before Gow became an internet sensation, he was playing on the offensive line for his grade school team.

“In sixth grade, I was the biggest kid on the team, so I played offensive line,” Gow said “[But] football’s fun, and I wanted to have fun with it, and I didn’t see O-line being fun for me. I wanted to play receiver. 


My dad told me to play quarterback, so we started quarterback training and started paying attention to the NFL more, and I started to like the quarterback position more.”

As Gow heads into his sophomore year, he continues to sharpen his skills. The 6-foot-1 phenom is ready to show the country he has what it takes to play at the next level.  

“I’ve always viewed myself as a game changer,” Gow said. “When I started throwing with both arms, I did it in baseball and transferred it over to football. And I thought if I did it in football, it would be revolutionary, and it’s really never been used to the point where someone can go either way and be comfortable and accurate in a game.”

Without a doubt, Gow will be getting more comfortable. Bellevue East just hired a new football coach and is bringing in a new offensive scheme. Gow can excel in this new scheme and is expected to throw for 1,900 yards and 22 touchdowns. But Gow has his sights set on something more remarkable as a team.  

“I’d like to take the team to the playoffs,” Gow said. “The last time we qualified for the playoffs was 2014. I’d really like to [help] turn our program around and help our team succeed.”


Time will tell if Gow will be able to achieve that feat with his team. But with his ambidextrous skill, he has the means to change the game for the future. 

“If I can become the first known to do it all the time ambidextrous quarterback, that would be amazing,” Gow said. “And that could inspire other kids to it too, and it [could] revolutionize and change the game.”

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Photo: Mikey Gow is ready to lead the Chieftains to a state title. (Credit: Bellevue East High School Athletics)