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[VIDEO] NHL Simple Question: Just how good is Connor McDavid & are the Bolts or the Avs the team to beat?

R.J. McLaughlin R.J. McLaughlin BVM Sports Video Production Lead

Connor McDavid is off to a blazing start, notching 25 points in just 11 games. McDavid’s legendary start to the playoffs is only surpassed that of Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. McDavid also has the Oilers on the brink of moving on to the Western Conference finals as they lead against Calgary. If McDavid and the Oilers advance they will be looking to play the winner of the Avalanche and the Blues. Many believe the Avalanche are the superior team, but similar to previous seasons, the Avs seem to be struggling to advance against what should be a weaker opponent. Out east, the Tampa Bay Lightning swept the Presidents’ Trophy winner, Florida Panthers. Andrei Vasilevskiy has been absolutely lights out and proving again why he may be the most clutch performer in the NHL. Will Vasilevskiy be considered one of the top goaltenders of all-time? If Vasilevskiy wins a third straight Stanley Cup, it will be hard to argue against that.