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Meet youth volleyball player, incoming Wildwood freshman Khadijah Blue
Courtesy: Blue family

Meet youth volleyball player, incoming Wildwood freshman Khadijah Blue

WILDWOOD, Fla. — Khadijah Blue may just be an incoming freshman at Wildwood High School, but she’s already making waves on the volleyball court.

Courtesy: Blue family

Having played the sport for the past four years, Blue has big aspirations as she begins her high school playing career.

“I want to one day play volleyball in the Olympics and get a scholarship to play for UCF,” said Blue, who currently plays for the Serving Tri-County Volleyball Club.

While she also plays soccer, the thing that has drawn her to volleyball is the overall action of the game. She enjoys the hitting and blocking aspects of the game the most.

Courtesy: Blue family

“You never know what can happen in a match and you have to be prepared for anything,” she said.

One thing the young Blue has learned early in her volleyball career is that having a supportive team can go a long way toward getting yourself out of a rut when things aren’t going well personally.

She recently had a tournament where she, admittedly, wasn’t playing her best. She kept hitting the ball out, which was costing her team points. She began to get upset and down on herself. However, with the support of her team she was able to climb out of it.

“…There is always somebody there to support you if you make a mistake or a great play,” Blue said. “I am so thankful to have my whole family supporting me, and I love playing for Serving Tri-County Volleyball Club and Coach Shipes.”

Blue describes Coach Shipes as her biggest supporter. She has been there through the good times and the hard times. As Blue puts it, she was there “even when I was not that good.”

Blue also describes her club coach as kind, funny and tough when she needs to be – the perfect balance.

“She has given me so much advice, but I think overall it is to always have fun,” Blue said. “She tells us not to lose the love we have for our sport.”

As for her current club teammates, Blue credits numerous on her team with their most recent success of winning gold at a tournament. All around, they’re a close group that is constantly supporting one another. The fact that they’ve been playing together for four years adds to that continuity.

Though she couldn’t list all of her teammates, she gave specific shout outs to her setter, Trinity, as well as Lily, Abby J., Bella and Abby N. who supply the defensive coverage. She also pointed out the excellent serving and hitting from Brynn, Chloe and Delaney.

It is easy to see why Blue’s club team has so much success. You can tell they get along so well and genuinely care about one another. The way they spend time off the court, in between tournaments or having a great time during games. It is a bond that has certainly been built over the last four years of playing together.

Blue credits both of her parents with playing a big role in her life. However, she says her mom’s advice to always love herself and know who she is, is something that will always stick with her.

When she isn’t playing volleyball, Blue enjoys horseback riding, swimming and reading, adding that she absolutely loves to read. She also enjoys spending time with her dad, mom and her brother, Julian.

Another thing Blue enjoys to do is snuggle with her dogs before leaving for any tournament. She considers this to be her “pregame ritual” of sorts.

One thing is clear, as she enters high school this fall, all eyes will be on Khadijah Blue to see if she can soar to new heights.

Keep an eye out for her come this high school volleyball season and beyond.

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