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Amir Herring ready to be a ‘Michigan Man’

Isaiah Butler Isaiah Butler BVM Sports Journalist

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. (BVM) — In football, being the best at your position is a tall order. But for one of Michigan’s top high school football recruits, it’s not something that’s entirely new. West Bloomfield’s Amir Herring is continuing to buckle down and prepare for his future on the gridiron. 

Like most athletes, Herring’s football journey began at a young age. And one could imagine that he’d want to be the “star” on the field. That simply wasn’t the case.

“I’ve always accepted the role of playing offensive line,” Herring said. “It gives you the ability to work with five guys; you count on four other people, including yourself, to get the job done. I feel like offensive line is the most crucial part in football.”

Being a team-oriented person can pay dividends for a player’s future. In the case of Herring’s future, those dividends have paid off tremendously. So much so that it led him to commit to the University of Michigan.

He had received offers from other programs such as Ole Miss, Arkansas, Penn State, Purdue, Michigan State and others. But what Michigan had to offer on and off the field made the school rise above the others. 

“I visited a lot of places around the country,” Herring said. “At the end, I felt like the best overall fit for me, academically and athletically, was going to be at Michigan.” 

“I want to do something in the medical field, preferably sports medicine,” Herring said. “There aren’t many surgeons who played collegiately or played football or really have relationships with the patients. That’s why I want to get into the medical field; to just help people and give back to the community.”

With the ambition to have a successful career off the football field, Herring also carries that same ambition for a prosperous career on the field. And not only did the reputation of the Michigan football program help Herring make his decision, but the Big 10’s pedigree and Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh made him ready to call Ann Arbor home.

“I felt like that was a big part of my decision,” Herring said. “The Big 10 is an offensive linemen league. They produce a lot of offensive linemen, especially at the University of Michigan. They have a rich tradition of [great] offensive linemen coming through the program.”

“I really trust coach Harbaugh,” Herring said. “He’s a super personable coach. He’s an open book. He’s family oriented and hands-on with the players. That was a big part of my decision. A coach that really cares about the whole program. And he knows what it takes to be a ‘Michigan Man.’ Overall, I just really love coach Harbaugh and his vision for the program.”

Although Herring knew he could wind up in the position he’s in today, he knew he wouldn’t be anywhere without his parents. Parents can play a significant role in one’s life, and in the case of Herring’s life and career, their impact is noteworthy.

“It’s mostly my parents,” Herring said when asked who provides motivation for him. “They’re super supportive [and] they’ve sacrificed a lot for me.”

Undoubtedly, Herring’s parents will always provide endless amounts of motivation. Nonetheless, Herring is still a football player, and it doesn’t matter if it’s his partners or rankings; there is only one person who can push him to be the best player he can be: himself. 

“The rankings are the measuring stick of where I stand against other people,” Herring said. “Overall, though, I’m just focusing on my development on the field. It’s really just me competing against myself.”

As a result of that confidence, one can see why Herring remains so motivated to be the best. 

“I feel like I’m a multi-dimensional offensive lineman,” Herring said. “I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure my team wins and, as an offensive line group, that we succeed. Overall, my versatility and my will to win separate me from a lot of guys.”

In the meantime, Herring and his teammates will be gunning for another state title. The last state title the Lakers won was in 2020.

Amir Herring celebrates a touchdown with Mekhi Elam in Michigan's state title game.
Amir Herring (No. 56) is ready to capture his second state title. (Credit: Junfu Han/USA TODAY Sports via Imagn Content Services, LLC)

“[The] expectation is to win a state championship again,” Herring said. “Winning the first one was a good feeling. We had a lot of depth on that team. And overall, we just played for each other. I feel like we’re going to have a deep run all the way to the state championship.”

One of those teammates that’ll help Herring and the Lakers make a run for a championship is Semaj Morgan III. Morgan III is another top football prospect from West Bloomfield. He is also committed to the University of Michigan. 

“Me and Semaj are really cool,” Herring said. “He made his decision a lot earlier than me. He was always in my ear about Michigan. At the end, I chose Michigan, and Semaj has been an unbelievable teammate over the years. He’s a great talent and can do a lot of things on offense. We have a really good relationship, and we’re going to continue that at Ann Arbor.”

Herring is a type of player who has experienced numerous ups and downs. And he has learned a great deal from many great players and coaches. But Sherrone Moore, Michigan’s offensive line coach, has told him what he can improve upon before setting foot in the Big House. 

“Sharping all my skills and adding new stuff to my skill set,” Herring said. “Hearing from different coaches, including Sherrone Moore, gives me a lot of advice on things to add to my skill set.”

It’s evident that Herring’s athletic abilities have brought him a reputation as one of the best players in Michigan, if not the country. And being the best, sometimes an athlete can lose focus on what or who got them to that high point of their career. However, Herring has not, and a fruitful athletic career likely awaits him. 

“West Bloomfield has created a lot of great memories with a lot of great teammates, including Semaj,” Herring said. “We’re a powerhouse program, and the standard is high at West Bloomfield. It’s the expectations of excellence and greatness there. Our team knows that, and we always rise to the occasion. Playing at West Bloomfield has prepared me for the next level.”