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Westfield set to unveil renovated CSI Signs Gymnasium
Credit: Joshua Andrews

Westfield set to unveil renovated CSI Signs Gymnasium

WESTFIELD, Ind. — At the start of each school year, every team and every athlete approaches their season with a renewed sense of confidence, hope and excitement. But, this school year, it’s not just the athletes who are looking forward to a fresh start. Westfield High School Athletic Director Andy Tebbe and Assistant Athletic Director Ginny Smith are full of excitement and pride for the unveiling of some new facilities upgrades that they are sure our community will enjoy.

Credit: Joshua Andrews

CSI Signs Gymnasium, the main gym at Westfield High School, is set to unveil a refreshed look and a sleek new feel that Tebbe is sure will improve the fan experience.

“Sports hold a special place in the hearts of our community, so it’s only fitting that the fans have a viewing experience that matches their passion,” the athletic director said. “We are very proud of how the gymnasium looks, and we are so excited for fans, families and students to experience it.”

Credit: Joshua Andrews

The most obvious thing you notice as you walk into the gym is the new bleachers. Sleek, black seats beckon you to sit and enjoy a game in style. Emblazoned on the outside is the Rocks logo we all know and love, and it sits next to large W, H and S letters, for Westfield High School. The logo and letters can be seen whether the bleachers are pushed in or pulled out in preparation for a game. The revamped bleachers are not only aesthetically pleasing, they have improved sightlines that will add to the viewing experience by ensuring that more people in the stands have a clean and clear view of the action on the court.

In addition to the new seats, a fresh paint job has given the gymnasium a facelift that it has sorely needed. The fresh coats of Westfield green applied all the way around the gym are softer and easier on the eyes, which creates less distractions for people taking in the view of a game.

“The awesome thing about the updates to the high school gymnasium is that we’ve not only modernized the environment,” Smith said, “but we also wanted to make sure that the accomplishments of past Rocks were also brought to the forefront.”

She is referring to new signage to commemorate the IHSAA conference and state championships for all Westfield High School sports teams. Those Indiana-shaped signs sit high atop the north wall and provide an impressive backdrop for any athletic event.

“The commemorative signage not only speaks to the accomplishments of the past,” the assistant AD said, “but there are also conspicuous blank spaces to send a message to our athletes that they are capable of doing great things and can possibly add to our storied program.”

CSI Signs Gymnasium isn’t finished with its upgrades. In the fall, the district is scheduled to outfit the court with new LED lights and enhanced floor decals to show even more pride in the Rocks. Whether you’re a regular in the gym or you’ve never set foot in Westfield High’s main court, Tebbe is confident you’ll appreciate what you see the next time you come.

“I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing the reaction of people who attend our games,” the head AD said. “We’ve always done a great job of making our sporting events a true experience for the fans, but now, with these important improvements, people are bound to leave with an entirely new feeling about a Westfield High School game.”

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