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Danville native Chuckie Robinson gets call to MLB before Field of Dreams game

Danville native Chuckie Robinson gets call to MLB before Field of Dreams game
Chuckie Robinson with father and grandfather, both minor league catchers. (Credit: Craig Glapion)

Bryan Schroeder - Danville Man Activated to the Big Leagues

DANVILLE, Ill. — Just in time for the Field of Dreams game with the Chicago Cubs, the Cincinnati Reds activated Danville native and catcher Chuckie Robinson to the Major Leagues, a real-life Field of Dreams moment for the close-knit city of Danville.

Chuckie’s sister showing support, attending game at Southern Miss. (Credit: Craig Glapion)

So many have dreamed of playing in the Major Leagues, and Chuckie Robinson was no exception, but his skills and work ethic set him apart from an early age. According to his grandfather, Chuckie Robinson, Sr., Chuckie started in Danville Little League baseball at the age of four, when the youngest players were six years old. At the age of 14, he was the youngest player ever to play for the Senior American Legion baseball team, when most players were 18 years old through college age.

After a very successful and closely watched career playing for the Danville High School Vikings, Chuckie attended Southern Miss, where he was drafted after his Junior year by the Houston Astros. He was now closer to following the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who each spent time in the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox organizations, respectively, as catchers. However, the daily practice with his dad and grandpa would ultimately propel Chuckie to the Big Show, a dream the whole family has worked for.

Along the way, Chuckie would continue to give back to the community that gave him his first chance, working with local kids on their catching skills. A man from nearby Monticello, Illinois, happened to come across one of his sessions, and invited Chuckie to continue his mentoring at his organization. Such is the impact Chuckie makes without seeking anything in return.

At the Field of Dreams game, Chuckie’s family were all watching the television broadcast at the same time, hoping to see Chuckie fulfill his dream. And they saw it.

When asked for her thoughts, his mother’s comments especially moved this writer:

“I watched my son from the age of four work hard towards his dream of becoming a Major League Baseball player. I know that sometimes he would get discouraged but he never gave up or ever showed it. He just continued to work, pray, and enjoy what he loved doing. Before each game I send him a text message: “Pray before you play. Do what you know…and have fun! #1 Fan.” I have been doing this since he left for college. When he told me that he was activated the only thing that I could do is cry! The day had finally come! My Son is a Major League Baseball Player! He never gave up and his dream has come true!” – Dionne Robinson, mother of the newest MLB success story.

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