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AND1 basketball: Where are The Professor, Hot Sauce, Skip 2 My Lou now?

AND1 basketball: Where are The Professor, Hot Sauce, Skip 2 My Lou now?
Aug 17, 2005; Rochester, NY, USA; The crowd gathers outside the Blue Cross Arena to watch the selection round of the AND1 tour. (Credit: Jamie Germano/Democrat & Chronicle-USA TODAY NETWORK)

NEW YORK (BVM) – Netflix’s “Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1” documentary (aired August 23) features interviews with arguably the greatest AND1 mixtape tour players in association: The Professor, Hot Sauce and Skip 2 My Lou. 

“A lot of people today say, ‘What happened to AND1?’ … I don’t know what happened to it and I was a part of it,” Duke Tango – a.k.a Thomas Mills, former AND1 announcer who often gave the streetballers their nicknames – said in his “Untold” interview

With the release of the new AND1 basketball documentary, here’s information on what some of the featured players have been up to lately. 

Where is The Professor now? 

The Professor, whose real name is Grayson Boucher, never made it into the NBA. He broke down the three main reasons why he never made it in a video on his YouTube page from 2020. 

“I never had the resume for the NBA… the politics of the game were never on my side… I wouldn’t accept an NBA contract because I like what I do (making streetball videos).” 

Today, Boucher is 38 years old and is still pulling off moves like he’s 18. You don’t need to rewind AND1 VHS mixtapes to see his moves considering you can study them from his personal YouTube channel. He’s a viral sensation with nearly seven million subscribers on YouTube alone. He helps produce highly entertaining basketball videos and one of which most recently includes him playing in a Bugs Bunny costume. 

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Grayson Boucher’s net worth to be $500,000. Alongside social media, Boucher is also the CEO of GlobalHooper, which is a basketball streetwear brand. He’s not making anything similar to the famous AND1 shoes; he mainly sells tops and bottoms. 

Boucher acts too and was most recently in the basketball movie “Hustle” starring Adam Sandler. He made a small cameo and showed off some of his famous drills and choreography. 

Where is Hot Sauce now?

“At that time [when I joined AND1], I might’ve been the most popular basketball player on Earth,” Hot Sauce said during his “Untold” interview.  

Hot Sauce, whose real name is Philip Champion, is arguably still the most recognizable AND1 figure today. The flair that he added to the game had fans rushing to their TVs to practice his moves.

Today, the 46-year-old is raising the next generation of streetballers in both his personal and professional life. He hosts and appears as the special guest for basketball tournaments around the country. There are also “tutorials” coming soon to his website. 

One of his sons, Orion Champion, a 2024 6-foot-1 guard, notably led Solid Rock Academy in the GISA (Georgia Independent School Association) state championship with 22 points and eight assists as a sophomore last season.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Philip Champion’s net worth to be $300,000. However, it’s not too late for him to start his own hot sauce brand to really rake in the cash.

Where is Skip 2 My Lou now?

Although he’s known in streetball as Skip 2 My Lou, he’s known in the pros as Rafer Alston. He made the transition out of streetball in 1999 and went on to make over $28 million in salary until his final season in 2010. Alston was able to make the big dollars in comparison to his former streetball teammates as he’s the only AND1 player to make it to the NBA. 

“One of my biggest regrets,” began AND1 co-founder Jay Coen Gilbert in the documentary, “had we thought of the mixtape players like employees as opposed to endorsed athletes, then we could have given them some stock options and that would have resulted in some incremental wealth going to all those players.”  

Players Bio estimates Rafer Alston’s net worth to be $24 million. The 46-year-old is officially retired from his professional playing career. Recently, he coached “Team Skip To My Lou” for TBT 2022. Glancing at his Instagram, it appears he’s coaching other youth teams to stay busy. 

Legacy left behind, as told in “The Rise and Fall of AND1″ 

AND1 took expression in the game of basketball to a whole new level and many can confidently say there is a big impact in the NBA even today. 

“Some of the guys right now, today, we’re talking about superstars too, do some of the moves,” Hot Sauce said in his “Untold” interview as clips of NBA players like Steph Curry flashed across the screen. “They don’t have to give props if they don’t want to. We know who it came from.” 

From famous mixtapes to the launch of the AND1 Mixtape Tour – the legacy left behind is an impactful one for small-town youth and adults today. 

“We will always be, ‘Yo, that’s them dudes from AND1,” Shane “The Dribble Machine” Woney said during his “Untold” interview.