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Simone Biles’ sister Adria doesn’t win $100K on ‘Claim To Fame’
Adria Biles (left) with her older sister Simone Biles (right). (Credit: @Simone_Biles/Twitter)

Simone Biles’ sister Adria doesn’t win $100K on ‘Claim To Fame’

LOS ANGELES (BVM) – Simone Biles’ sister, Adria Biles, competed on “Claim to Fame” with the fake name “Louise,” but fans think she really needed a face change for a bigger likelihood of winning the $100,000 cash prize. 

Adria was eliminated during Episode 8 (aired August 29) of ABC’s “Claim to Fame” – a show where contestants try to keep the identity of their celebrity relative a secret to stay in the game. Adria looks almost identical to her famous sister Simone, so it was inevitable that her claim to fame would be discovered. 

Adria Biles on Claim to Fame
“Louise,” a.k.a Adria Biles (center), could not lie to protect her identity on “Claim to Fame.” (Credit: ABC/John Fleenor)

During Episode 1 of “Claim to Fame,” Adria stated, “I want people to not just know me as Simone Biles’ sister.” 

Adria made a comment about her big sister Simone during her exit from the show.

She’s like my best friend,” Adria said about Simone. “We’re super close, we’re only two years apart and she basically raised me… I hope she’s proud of me for making it this far. I thought I was going to be gone a long time ago.”

Adria somehow managed to be the eighth person eliminated out of a pool of 12 – meaning seven others were eliminated before her. But, like her famous sister who is used to winning, Adria won the most challenges in the house that gave her immunity and the power to make game-changing decisions. Adria also wasn’t labeled as a threat to eliminate so early on, because according to one constant, “she’s the youngest and isn’t as familiar with bigger stars.” Plus, no one wanted to be the one to send the easy target home. 

The contestant who took Adria out noted that her facial features were the biggest clue to uncovering her celebrity relative.

Simone Biles and Adria Biles look like “twins” 


The seven-time Olympic medalist didn’t post about Adria on Twitter or Instagram the night of her elimination. But two weeks ago, Simone did post a photo of the two – shown below. 

The photo had fans doing a double take since Simone rarely posts photos of her sister on social media. While many in the comments questioned if Simone had a twin, fans of “Claim to Fame” were quick to note that she’s, in fact, her little sister Adria. 

Photo: Adria Biles (left) with her older sister Simone Biles (right). (Credit: @Simone_Biles/Twitter)