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Rumson Fair Haven AYF Cheer Program back on the field

Rumson Fair Haven AYF Cheer Program back on the field
Courtesy: Abry Traina, Jocelyn Bruno, and Beth Putterman

RUMSON, N.J. — The NJAYF Cheerleaders are back on the field keeping the bulldog spirit high! In their 3rd year under the direction of co-coordinators Jocelyn Bruno and Abry Traina, the NJAYF Cheerleading program has grown to a record 101 girls. “The growth of the program is credited to the hard work and dedication of volunteer coaches, without them this program wouldn’t be possible”, said Abry Traina. “We are so grateful for all the time and energy they put forth to help make this program what it is today.”

The 2022-2023 AYF Rumson Fair Haven Cheering Team. (Courtesy: Abry Traina, Jocelyn Bruno, and Beth Putterman)

Not only has the program’s participation numbers skyrocketed, but the level at which the cheerleaders are performing has grown tremendously. At each game, the teams can be seen leading the crowd in energetic cheers, performing their halftime routine, and expanding their skills with the addition of stunting this year. “This is a big step for our program and we feel so fortunate to be a part of it,” said Jocelyn Bruno.

Our amazing coaches! (Courtesy: Abry Traina, Jocelyn Bruno, and Beth Putterman)

The Rumson Fair Haven AYF Cheer program is comprised of cheerleaders ranging in ages from 5-12 years old. The youngest division of cheerleaders is D8, and RFH is fortunate to have two D8 teams this year. Their primary focus is fundamentals in sideline, stunting, dance, and tumbling. “At this level, we look to grow the girls’ confidence and build a strong foundation they will carry forward into future seasons,” said Coach Rebecca Baretz. “It’s exciting to watch their love of the sport grow and to be a part of an experience that for them is equally focused on team spirit as well as individual gains and successes,” says Coach Vanessa Schanen.

The Bulldogs are also excited to announce the addition of a D10 competition team. They will be heading to Trenton, NJ on October 22, 2022, to compete at the NJAYC Jersey Shore Cheer Championship. “The competition team has been working very hard. In addition to their sideline cheers, they are perfecting their competition routine. A majority of the squad are returning 2021 cheerleaders which helped set the foundation for the competition season. We are excited to represent the RFH community and look forward to sharing our victories” said Coach Lynn Bachstetter.

The oldest and most experienced cheerleaders make up the D12 squad. With the program growing in leaps and bounds, the goal is to retain the cheerleaders and prepare them for high school cheer. This squad works closely with the RFH Varsity Cheer Coach and a select group of varsity cheerleader demos in hopes that the AYF cheerleaders will have a head start as they grow in the program and prepare for varsity level cheer. As the AYF Cheer program continues to grow, they hope to advance the level of cheer and to be able to compete across multiple levels and divisions in future seasons.

The cheer program is only made possible with the help of many volunteers and the support of the bulldog football family. They would like to thank the following people:  RFH AYF Executive Board members and President Brian Gay, Charlie Hoffman and the Rumson Recreation department, RFH Varsity Cheer Coach and high school demonstrators, head coaches Rebecca Baretz, Vanessa Schanen, Jocelyn Bruno, Melanie Januzzi and assistant coaches Heather Olivo, Brittany Lauch, Lauren Motzenbecker, Tatiana Alves-Adamczyk, Heather O’Halloran, Lynn Bachstetter, Tara Bartz, Laura Rodgers, Abry Traina, Beth Putterman and MaryKate Guenther.

Let’s Go Dawgs!

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