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Nuggets mascot makes $625K; Rocky’s top 5 highlights

Nuggets mascot makes $625K; Rocky’s top 5 highlights
Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky the Mountain Lion. (Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)

DENVER (BVM) – The Denver Nuggets mascot, Rocky the Mountain Lion, is still the highest-paid NBA mascot with a whopping $625,000 salary, per the newest numbers via Sports Business Journal. Benny the Bull makes 36 percent less than Rocky at $400,000 a year. To further put that into perspective, the average NBA mascot is making 60K annually. 

Here are the top five Denver Nuggets mascot highlights that may give a glimpse into why Rocky the Mountain Lion is the highest-paid NBA mascot.

5. Rocky’s teddy bears for Valentine’s Day

Near Valentine’s Day in 2018, Rocky stumbled upon a Nuggets fan whom he wanted to make Mrs. Rocky. Rocky showered the woman with teddy bears and the hilarious video was a viral sensation amongst even nonsports fans. 

4. Rocky’s climb up The Pepsi Center 

Rocky stands at 5-foot-10, weighs in at 154 pounds and has a tail that’s three feet long, yet, somehow, the mascot managed to climb to the top of the Pepsi Center. 

Here’s another look at Rocky being fearless of heights: 

3. Rocky and outside appearances 

Rocky frequently makes paid appearances outside of the Denver Nuggets’ arena. Take this viral video of Rocky shoving a youth football player for NFL preseason halftime entertainment. 

2. Rocky’s backwards half court shot on a ladder 

Rocky has made countless half court shots while backwards. But, nothing compares to when Rocky balanced on a high ladder and made a half court shot backwards –  seen in the video below at 2:15. 

1. Rocky passes out mid-air 

Some could say Rocky almost died for the job. The mascot went viral after passing out while hanging from the ceiling during a 2013 performance in the team’s home opener. Little is known why Rocky passed out, but a fear of heights can be ruled out.