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Stanford Tree suspended after ‘Stanford Hates Fun’ sign
The Stanford Tree, the Stanford University unofficial mascot, was suspended after holding up a sign that read “Stanford Hates Fun” at the school’s football game on Oct. 22 against Arizona State. (Credit: Neville E. Guard/USA TODAY Sports)

Stanford Tree suspended after ‘Stanford Hates Fun’ sign

STANFORD, Calif. (BVM) – Mascots are an inevitable part of the sports world, whether fans love them or love to hate them. From zany antics to photo opportunities, mascots have forever changed how fans enjoy game day. However, sometimes a mascot can go too far and that was the case for the Stanford Tree, at least in the eyes of the Stanford University administration.

The team’s unofficial mascot announced the school made the decision to suspend the student who currently adorned the uniform from his duties following his appearance during the Cardinal home football game against the Arizona State Sun Devils on Oct. 22. During the game, the Tree was seen holding a sign with the Arizona State mascot that read “Stanford Hates Fun,” a sign to show support for university students that are complaining the school is suppressing social activities on campus.

Photos and videos of the act have begun being posted on social media as well.

While not an officially recognized mascot by the university and its teams, the Stanford Tree has become an enduring symbol of the school and its programs since its first appearance with the marching band in 1975. Since that time, the Tree has made a number of notable appearances as a representative of the school including in a few “This is SportsCenter” commercials.

While Stanford fans may be disappointed hearing of the suspension, the Tree will be OK as the mascot’s social media account announced that the student who previously represented the Tree will return to their duties while the other is off duty.

Though the suspension won’t ultimately impact the game day environment, the decision was still a surprising one especially given the sign the Tree held. With the suspension, Stanford athletics may see a few more “hates fun” signs at their upcoming athletic events.