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Ny’Quavion Carr bringing mature mindset to Georgia football

Ny’Quavion Carr bringing mature mindset to Georgia football
Ny’Quavion Carr committed to Georgia in July. (Courtesy: Ny’Quavion Carr)
Andrew Florio

MOULTRIE, Ga. (BVM) — At Colquitt County High School, Ny’Quavion Carr is one of many stars on the Packers’ football team. Carr is a top 50 player in the country for the 2024 class according to On3, and every time he takes the field, he shows why.

But before the star wide receiver became a nationally coveted recruit, he was just a kid with a passion for the game of football.

Carr grew up going to his brother’s games, but he really fell in love with football on his own time, watching highlights of some of the most dynamic players of recent memory. The No. 1 guy on that list was Tavon Austin.

He is still a film junkie, watching players such as Davante Adams, Amari Cooper and Garrett Wilson, always trying to see what he can carry over to his own game.

And with the trajectory that he is on, kids might be watching his highlights in the near future.

In July, Carr announced that he would be staying in-state at the University of Georgia.

“You’re just around a bunch of dogs,” Carr said. “Everybody is on the field with you from every group and every position. It just makes you want to be better and go harder. It makes you want to compete every day.”

Sometimes young men in the same shoes as Carr, have a hard-nosed, gritty workout schedule. While Carr still gets his work in, he has a more mature approach.

It is not necessarily about how much weight you can move or how strong you are, but it is more than that. Things such as technique, rest, etc. are just as important. Not many high school juniors understand that, but Carr does.

“I work out, but it’s not that much of a workout,” Carr said. “I do a lot of fundamental stuff and try to stay in shape.”

For a recruit as highly touted as Carr, he receives plenty of love on social media, but there will always be critics. But similar to his work ethic, Carr is very level-headed when it comes to what he needs to focus on.

“I try to block out all of the hate and doubt,” Carr said. “I just stay calm and not pay attention to that stuff. It’s hard a little bit though.”

Despite all of his success already, Carr has not let that change him.

“Everything that I show on the field, on the sidelines, with my teammates, that’s just me,” Carr said. “That’s me at home and me everywhere. I’m the same in everything I do.”

When Carr gets to Athens, there is no doubt that he will bring that same energy to the Bulldogs’ football program.