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Family passion led Chauncey Bowens to Florida football
Chauncey Bowens committed to the University of Florida in September. (Credit: Rich Storry/Palm Beach Post/USA TODAY Sports)

Family passion led Chauncey Bowens to Florida football

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. (BVM) — At The Benjamin School, Chauncey Bowens has emerged as a standout running back. The 5-foot-11, 219pound halfback is a four-star prospect and a top-300 player in the country for the 2024 class according to 247 Sports

But before he became a star of his own, he learned the intricacies of football from his family.

Bowens’ two older brothers played pop warner while their father served as their head coach. From a distance, a young Chauncey got to see how rewarding the game can be and all it can teach.

“It was just how passionate he was about the game and how tough he was on my older brothers,” Chauncey said. “I just saw how much they loved the game and of course, I wanted to be a part of it. The more I practiced and stayed around it, the more I fell in love with it.”

The more Bowens practiced, the better he got. Which has ultimately made him the player he is today.

With plenty of options at his disposal, he decided in September to stay in-state, committing to the University of Florida.

With the legacy of the Gators’ football program combined with already having some family roots in Gainesville, it felt like the perfect opportunity for Bowens.

“Ever since the first time I stepped on campus, I was always such a big fan of them,” Bowens said. 

Bowens’ college commitment became the first step of hopefully many for the prospect from the Sunshine State. But this was not something that came overnight. This was a goal that was worked towards for years.

“I’ve known since I was young that this was the career I wanted to do,” Bowens said. “It was just all the hard work that I put in.”

A multi-sport athlete, his skills have translated to track and lacrosse, a sport he got involved in his sophomore year.

The Buccaneers’ lacrosse program is one of the better ones in the state of Florida, and Bowens has been able to be a key contributor. His newfound love of the sport has also helped him when he is back on the football field.

“Hand-eye coordination,” Bowens said of what carries over the most. “Trying to catch the little ball with the net. And that helps with just regularly catching a football.”

Still a high school junior, Bowens is still locked into accomplishing as much as possible for Benjamin School athletics, but eventually, he will be looking to fulfill his aspirations of becoming a 1,000-yard rusher and Doak Walker winner at the University of Florida.

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