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Congratulations to Buena Colts football senior class

Congratulations to Buena Colts football senior class
Credit: Mariusz Blach - stock.adobe.com

Clea McCaa - BVM Sports User Submission

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. — Congratulations to the Buena High Football Senior Class of 2022-23! You’ve made it this far! You’ve spent the past three years at countless practices, played more games than you can count, ran more laps or sets of lines than you really wish to think about, been to many team dinners, and lots of team bonding nights, and had your share of plenty of pre-game bus jam sessions. Yet, here you are in your last year of high school sports. As you head into this ending, take some time to reflect on the great things in past years, and make this last one better than all the others.

Everything you have grown so accustomed to, all those hours in the weight room, on the field, all the hours spent with the teammates you’ve grown to love will come to an end this year, so really take time to cherish every moment you have left playing the sport you love. Appreciate the little things, like the crazy dances your teammates do while you were in the locker room before the game, or the way your family cheers for you, even when you are having an awful game. Enjoy the pre-game pep talks from Coach Thomas, and the way your teammates go insane when you score that touchdown or make that saving tackle and intercept the pass. Just really take the time to love the moments and people surrounding you, all for the final time.

When you walk into the weight room or walk on the field, take the opportunities you have left to make your mark. Lead with positivity, so that when the underclassmen step up their senior year, they want to be the leader you were for them. Work harder than you ever have before, because you will never have a chance to prove yourself again, and leave everything you have on that court, field, or course. Work yourself to the point that you don’t think you can go any further, and then push yourself just a little past that point, and leave behind no regrets. Achieve all you can, and encourage everyone to give their all as well.

As you go through your season, and play each team you know so well that you can name all of their players, positions, and jersey numbers, take a moment to enjoy these finals moments you have. Pretty soon, no longer will you be wearing the Buena jersey, but will be a spectator in the crowd, watching the underclassmen you once lead play the game you loved so much. Take time to look back on how far you’ve come, and appreciate the fellow seniors who traveled this journey with you. Love the player you have become, and prove the everyone watching you play that every moment in this game matters. And when the time comes for that final game, leave it all on the field, and play with all of your heart.

Cherish every second you have left now, so that you will never wish you appreciated what you once had, because as Dr. Seuss once said, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Enjoy Every Moment You Have Left.

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