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Smartest NFL QBs in the NFC by GPA, degree, Wonderlic score
NFC champion, Jalen Hurts. (Credit:© Chris Pedota, TODAY NETWORK)

Smartest NFL QBs in the NFC by GPA, degree, Wonderlic score

NEW YORK (BVM) – Who are some of the smartest athletes in the NFL? Here is a list of the 16 NFC QBs (who started in the most games for the 2022-23 season) – along with their GPA, college degree and Wonderlic test score. 

This list is in no particular order since having a high GPA and/or college degree isn’t a measure of “being smart,” since there are educational and environmental inequalities that exist. 

For context, the Wonderlic Personnel Test is a 50-question I.Q. test that used to be administered at every NFL Scouting Combine. The test was used to measure the mental abilities of NFL hopefuls, however, the test hasn’t been mandatory since the 2022 NFL Combine because it’s now viewed as outdated. Additionally, note that GPAs are typically measured on a 4.0 scale. 

Many NFL athletes made sure to get the job done both on and off the field when they were student-athletes and the NFC QBs shouldn’t be overlooked for their achievements.