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Q&A with Dana Williams: Weston High School point guard

Q&A with Dana Williams: Weston High School point guard
Credit: Henry Boncheck

Michael McGrath - BVM Sports User Submission

WESTON, Mass. — Ever since he was little, Dana Williams has loved basketball. His first memory of playing was in his driveway at about three years old, and he has spent many hours with his older brother and uncles battling it out on the court. At five years old, Dana started playing on organized basketball teams and currently plays for Weston High School’s varsity team (since freshman year) as well as on Team Spartans, an AAU basketball program.

Credit: Sofia Moukaddem

As point guard, he is a leader on the teams for which he has played, facilitating and running the plays and leading his teams to winning records. His coaches and teammates would commend Dana for his ability to handle the ball and passing skills, and he has really improved as a shooter. All of his hard work has paid off and he was named a North Sectional Finalist in 2019-2020 and a DCL All Star in 2021-2022.

Congrats, Dana!

What are your personal goals within your sport/athletic dreams?

Dana Williams: I have always dreamed of playing Division 1 basketball. I would also love to help my family with the financial part of college by obtaining an athletic scholarship.

What is your biggest challenge in your sport, and what do you do to manage this challenge?

Williams: My biggest challenge is keeping my self-confidence when things do not go as planned. I have always been on a winning team and did not really know how to handle it when I wasn’t. The way I manage this challenge is by helping lead my team to success as well as lead by example with a hard work ethic.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

Williams: A coach told me that you are allowed to make mistakes – just don’t keep making the same one over and over again.

What do you love about your sport?

Williams: The lessons that you learn from playing the game. In addition, the friendships I have built by bonding over a shared love for basketball as well as always being together around the gym are incredible.

Do you have a pregame ritual you follow?

Williams: Yes – usually it consists of some rap music in the locker room, leading warmup, and making sure that I am at the top of the line after the first buzzer of the game. In addition, I have to make a layup before the game starts.

What do you like to do outside of your sport?

Williams: I love to spend time with my friends and family, play lots of video games and support friends at sporting events.

Describe a mistake you made while competing and how you overcame it.

Williams: I played on a team where, although I was welcomed by the players, I didn’t know what spot I was walking into on the roster. I wound up on the bench and not playing for an entire game – a first for me. After a while, I felt like I wasn’t good enough and all the hard work I did wasn’t nearly enough to compete with my peers. I overcame this feeling and being benched by practicing hard everyday, which eventually paid off when I was finally taken off the bench and given the opportunity to play.

What has being a member of a team taught you?

Williams: That there really is no “I” in team. Every single person on a team has a role, and you must put 100% into your role everyday. Over the years, I realized that most of my success has come from playing on teams where everyone was excited to be there and happy to have the position in which they were placed on the team.

Anything else you would like to add?

Williams: My parents both went to Weston, and I’m so proud to say that my father, Domingo Williams (1998 graduate), was a member of the WHS Boys Basketball and Football State Championships teams.

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