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Meet Kew-Forest School multi-sport athlete Cairo Gordon-Somers-Archer
Courtesy: Kew Forest School

Meet Kew-Forest School multi-sport athlete Cairo Gordon-Somers-Archer

FOREST HILLS, N.Y. — On any given morning if you’re in the hallways at The Kew-Forest School and you hear a chorus of first-through-third graders burst out into “Hiiiii,” you can bet with near certainty that they’ve spotted Cairo Gordon-Somers-Archer, a senior and favorite of the Lower School students thanks to his three years as a kindergarten summer camp counselor. Nearly everywhere he goes, Cairo is enthusiastically greeted by the youngest students as well as those in the Middle and Upper School.

Courtesy: Kew Forest School

An accomplished athlete in soccer, basketball and volleyball, Cairo’s easy-going demeanor and infectious smile endear him to students and faculty alike. Cairo has had ample time to build connections with his fellow Kew-Forest peers and faculty members as he has attended The Kew-Forest School since kindergarten, and in his time at the school he has transformed in ways that go beyond a typical child’s growth and development.

Courtesy: Kew Forest School

What many people don’t know is that Cairo was born with a medical condition called Neurofibromatosis type 1, or NF, which causes tumors to grow on nerve endings throughout the body, and many people afflicted with NF also have learning difficulties, including Cairo. Because NF can affect the bones, Cairo had scoliosis and underwent spinal fusion surgery at age 11. He underwent brain surgery at age 17 due to hydrocephalus from a growth blocking the cerebral fluid flow. He currently has a tumor on his optic nerve which is being monitored but stable.

Despite the adversity, Cairo has blossomed into a strong, capable, and mature young man. In his middle school and early high school years, his learning disability affected his grades and self-esteem. He was discouraged but quickly discovered athletics was his outlet. He excelled on the soccer field and became recognized as a leader, earning the title of captain his senior year. Similarly, during basketball season, Cairo found himself surrounded by younger players and peers alike who looked up to him both on and off the court. He has refused to let his health challenges slow him down, and he does not use them as an excuse. In fact, most of his classmates and teammates know nothing about his medical condition.

Courtesy: Kew Forest School

Cairo is the youngest of three boys, so being looked upon as a leader was initially new to him.

Nonetheless, he took on this role with ease and confidence as he tackled new obstacles one by one and met them with success.

Besides being team captain and a favorite of his peers and younger students, Cairo has also won several athletic achievement awards during his high school career, including being selected as an All-Conference athlete for soccer, basketball, and volleyball in The Private Schools Athletic Association (PSAA). At Kew-Forest he aims to be in consideration for the School’s top athletic award, the “Athletic Leadership Award,” a title which both of his brothers, also Kew-Forest graduates, earned before him. Not only that, but Cairo’s grades have also improved such that he is now currently considering offers to play college soccer, a dream that seemed nearly impossible just a few years ago.

For the past 13 years, Cairo has exemplified The Kew-Forest School’s motto, Ad Summum, Latin for “to the top.” He continues to rise above every challenge that comes before him and without a doubt, his future is bright!

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