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NFL lineman gained 100 pounds drinking gallon of milk daily

NFL lineman gained 100 pounds drinking gallon of milk daily
Dec 11, 2022; Cincinnati Bengals center Ted Karras walks off the field after the victory over the Cleveland Browns at Paycor Stadium. (Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports)

CINCINNATI (BVM) – Cincinnati Bengals star center Ted Karras finished his seventh year in the NFL this past season, and he might be able to give credit to the gallon of milk he would drink every day before school as a teenager. 

“My dad took me aside in the eighth grade and was like, ‘You’re kind of skinny, but you’re super slow Ted, and you need to put on weight,’” Karras said on the Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday. “I actually gained 100 pounds in one year. I drank a gallon of milk before school every day for a whole year. Every single day. It was horrible. My body rejects milk.” 

Teddy Karras in HS
NFL’s Teddy Karras from back when he was in high school. (Courtesy: @_teddy_k)

Karras noted that he drank 2% milk, but chose skim milk on days he was feeling “weak.” Notably, a gallon of 2% milk contains approximately 1,920 calories, 80 grams of fat, 128 grams of protein and 192 grams of carbohydrates, according to health and fitness tracker MyFitnessPal. 

So, it’s no surprise why he was able to put on the weight. He gained 110 pounds by drinking a gallon of milk every day during his freshman and sophomore seasons. By the time he reached his senior year at Cathedral High School (IN), the 6-foot-4 recruit weighed 295 pounds.  

The sheer determination to be a better athlete paid off in high school as he was rated as one of the top 25 offensive guard prospects, as well as a three-star recruit by 247 Sports and ESPN. He also helped Cathedral to 4A state titles in 2008 and 2010 before joining the University of Illinois.

Karras’ high school experience with milk is both disgusting, yet inspiring. Now, the 305-pounder is a two-time Super Bowl champion and the star “milk man” for the Bengals.