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Jimmy Butler wants to work in coffee shops after a NBA title
May 27, 2023; Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler during game six of the Eastern Conference Finals for the 2023 NBA playoffs at Kaseya Center. (Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports)

Jimmy Butler wants to work in coffee shops after a NBA title

MIAMI (BVM) – Jimmy Butler hasn’t won a single NBA championship, but that could all change if the Miami Heat win Game 7 to advance to the 2023 NBA Finals. If Butler manages to win a NBA title, fans might be able to spot him working at a few coffee shops soon after. 

“I want to win a championship first and foremost, but then soon after that, I want to open quite a few cafes and I want to be in those cafes working,” Butler said on the Alo Mind Full podcast back in September 2022. 

Many know by now that Butler loves coffee almost as much as basketball. He claims that he drinks 10 cups of coffee a day. He even sold coffee for $20 a cup back during the 2020 NBA Covid bubble in Orlando. Now, he owns a coffee brand called Big Face Brand.  

“I watch all the YouTube (videos), all these baristas do all different types of art, steaming the milk the right way, weighing the coffee and pulling the right amount of espresso from it,” Butler said on the Alo Mind Full podcast. “I want to do that. I definitely want to open my own coffee shops and be in there.” 

Butler working as a barista in his own coffee shops could come sooner than later if he wins the 2023 championship. Notably, he’s always been heavily involved in his coffee company.  

“More than anything, I want to help the coffee farmers in Colombia, Ethiopia and Guatemala,” Butler said on the Alo Mind Full podcast. “I got the opportunity to go there this past summer (2022), and I noticed how – I don’t want to say inefficient it was – but they need help and they need individuals like myself to see it firsthand because people don’t understand what really goes into making a cup of coffee.”  

It’s no surprise that Butler wants to involve himself in public service. After all, he grew up with humble beginnings. Butler’s father not only abandoned him, but his mother kicked him out of the house at 13 years old, so he was homeless until he was adopted. 

“How can I help you with my coffee brand?” Butler said on the Alo Mind Full podcast. “If you want to sell coffee for a dollar, I want to help you, so I want to buy your coffee for three dollars. That’s the way we do it at Big Face… I think everybody should be trying to change the world and make the world a better place and help as many people as you can on the way.”  

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