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Clemson commit Sammy Brown stays humble but can do it all
Clemson commit Sammy Brown with Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney while on a visit to Clemson. (Courtesy: Twitter/@sammybrown_)

Clemson commit Sammy Brown stays humble but can do it all

JEFFERSON, Ga. (BVM) – Sammy Brown didn’t plan on committing to Clemson when he visited earlier this month but the Tigers ended up winning him over. The five-star recruit announced his commitment days later, putting an end to the recruitment of one of the best linebacker prospects in the nation’s recent history. 

“It’s just like a huge sigh of relief,” Brown said. “I just feel like a lot of weight has been taken off my shoulders and I have a lot more time now that I canceled the rest of my officials (official visits). It’s been good and I’m super excited to go to Clemson next year.” 

The Georgia native had whittled his options down to Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Clemson. In the end, the Tigers won the prize: one of the highest-ranked linebackers in the Top247 era.

Sammy Brown Dabo Swinney Jefferson High School Clemson Tigers football wrestling track
Jefferson’s Sammy Brown (1) runs the ball during a GHSA high school football game. (Credit: Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK)

“I felt like after Saturday (June 3) everything just kind of clicked,” Brown said. “I had great relationships with some of the other commits and the players and the coaches so I just kind of felt like it was God’s will for me to go to Clemson. There definitely wasn’t a wrong choice.” 

Brown always planned on making his decision prior to his senior year but the No. 1-ranked linebacker in the Class of 2024 wasn’t prepared for it to happen so quickly. However, now that it’s done, he’s just focusing on training – a scary thing for Brown’s opponents. 

The 6-foot-2, 230-pound linebacker is already one of the best recruits in the nation for the Class of 2024. Last season as a junior, he racked up 113 tackles while also rushing for 1,449 yards and 24 touchdowns. His athleticism is unparalleled. Brown has gone viral for the videos of him doing a 405-pound clean or squatting 545 pounds four times with the promise of 600 pounds coming soon. 

“I just always felt like I can always get better,” Brown said. “I’m never going to be satisfied with what I’m doing and I’m always going to look for things to improve, look for aspects of my game to improve. The biggest thing that I think about is that someone else is out there working just as hard as me so I always want to be the one that’s trying to work the hardest.”

If not in the weight room, the Jefferson High School star can also be seen running a 10.76-second 100-meter dash – that time earned him sixth place at state this spring – or out on the wrestling mat. Brown has gone 88-5 in his high school wrestling career and is the back-to-back state champion in the 285-pound weight class.


However, both of those sports are just to keep him ready for football and to improve his talents out on the gridiron. 

“It don’t take long when you’re out on the field with him to realize how talented he is,” Jefferson head football coach Travis Noland said about Brown. “It’s easy to tell how special a kid is when he’s as gifted as he is.” 

Brown is gifted but extremely humble. Even though he is a top recruit and his social media has taken off due to some viral videos, Brown has never let it go to his head. 

“The biggest thing for me is to stay humble because I know it can be taken in an instant,” Brown said.

Sammy Brown Dabo Swinney Jefferson High School Clemson Tigers football wrestling track
Jefferson’s Sammy Brown (1) breaks loss down the field for another touchdown during a GHSA high school football game between Jefferson and Loganville. (Credit: Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK)

It probably also stems from the fact that Brown never expected any of it. He grew up the son of a football coach with the sport always being a part of his life. Brown loved playing it for fun and it wasn’t until he received his first D-I offer from South Carolina that he realized college football was in his future. 

“Really when that kind of clicked for me was when I got my first offer because I kind of felt like it came out of nowhere and was pretty unexpected,” Brown said. “Up until I got that first offer, it was just playing in high school and maybe if a college comes in, that would be pretty cool.” 

College football is now in the near future but it hasn’t changed Brown. He’s still the same guy that loves to be out hunting deer or fishing for largemouth bass, the one that makes funny videos on his TikTok with the username “mullet man.” It’s a hairstyle he and his buddies chose as freshman that, with his popularity, has taken on a life of its own. 

“It’s kind of become a staple,” Brown said about his mullet.

All of it just makes Brown who he is and what he wants everyone to think of him as: “a good person.” He knows he’s a role model in the Jefferson community, with kids looking up to him every Friday night when he’s out there playing for the Dragons. 

“There are a lot of kids that want to take pictures with me and all that kind of stuff so it’s really cool…It makes me put on my best face and make sure that they see what I’m really about,” Brown said. “That I’m a good person so when they grow up, they’ll aspire to be like me, a good person.” 

Brown is definitely that as well as an amazing athlete. With him committing to Clemson and freeing up his summer to train, his senior year is going to be one to pay attention to.