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Alex Sosa’s perfection-seeking mindset led to MLB draft status
Alex Sosa committed to NC State as a sophomore. (Courtesy: @the.alex.sosa/Instagram)

Alex Sosa’s perfection-seeking mindset led to MLB draft status

VIERA, Fla. (BVM) – Alex Sosa was 5-foot-5 as a high school freshman. Now a senior, he stands at 6-foot-1. But if it was not for his stature in the beginning, he may not be in the position he is in today.

“I had to learn the game differently,” Sosa said. “Everything I did had to be perfect if I wanted to be successful. It definitely gave me the work ethic too. I knew if I didn’t work, I was never gonna catch up to these kids.”

Eventually, Sosa’s growth spurt came, making him a unique player.

The left-handed hitting catcher out of Viera High School is a very mature hitter for his age, one that will take his walks and not force anything. He is also nimble behind the plate with a good arm. This should be enough to keep him there.

Sosa grew up playing a little bit of everything, but baseball always stood out the most for him.

“I always just took it more seriously,” Sosa said.

The work he put in was evident as he got older and despite his size, Sosa still received some attention from Miami and Florida State as a freshman. But as he kept going along in the recruiting process, he found the school for him at NC State.

“They were giving me all this attention that other schools weren’t giving me because I wasn’t the ‘big kid’ at the time,” Sosa said. “We did our research on NC State and really got to know the program. The coaches are some of the best in college baseball. We fell in love with the school, and for me, it was an easy decision.”

Sosa also attracted the attention of pro teams along the way, especially this past season as he hit at a .471 clip. He now ranks as the No. 122 prospect in this year’s draft according to MLB Pipeline

That will likely leave Sosa with a decision to make on his future.

“I’ve always been super happy with my college commitment,” Sosa said. “I’m looking at it all in a positive way. If the draft works out, then great. My family would have to talk about that. But I’m extremely happy with going to NC State.”

Sosa is keeping it simple with his goals no matter where he winds up with the main focus being to just continue hitting the ball hard. And if he does wind up at NC State, he will bring his competitive edge to the classroom, where he only received one B in his entire high school academic career.