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Jared Verse is giving it his all for his ‘brothers for life’
Jared Verse had nine sacks in 2022. (Credit: Melina Myers/USA TODAY Sports)

Jared Verse is giving it his all for his ‘brothers for life’

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (BVM) – Jared Verse did not have a star rating in high school, so it is a surprise to a lot of people to see how far he has come as the potential No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. 

But one person who is not surprised is his brother, Aaron.

Verse has always had a rigorous work ethic no matter the level he played at. Aaron saw this and knew that Jared would see the results of his hard work pay off at some point.

“He never had a doubt in his mind on if I was going to make it,” Jared said. “I haven’t told him, but it meant a lot to me.”

Aaron turned out to be right and in a big way.

Jared spent two years dominating at the University of Albany before transferring to Florida State last season where he became arguably the best edge rusher in the entire country. He produced nine sacks and was a terror in the backfield on what felt like every single play in 2022.

The 6-foot-4, 253-pound defensive menace is as explosive as they get at his position, and when paired with his extreme motor, he is near the very top of every early NFL mock draft for next April.

Verse has not had the most traditional path to becoming as coveted as he has, but this was always the expectation for him due to his dedication to the game.

“If you work for it, you’re gonna get it, no matter what it is,” Verse said. “When I started blowing up in the portal, it was a lot at once, but I was never surprised by it. It was like everything I deserved because I sacrificed so much for it.”

Verse had 14.5 sacks along with 21.5 tackles for loss in 2021 at Albany and had received offers to transfer to some of the biggest programs in the nation. He ultimately chose the Seminoles, which has turned out to be a great decision on and off the field.

Years from now, there will be classes he does not remember, and even some games, but the relationships he has made in Tallahassee will last a lifetime.

“When I get married and meet the woman of my dreams, they’re gonna be in my wedding,” Verse said. “I’ve met people here that are what I call brothers for life.”

Verse could be thinking about his draft stock or what type of milestones he wants to accomplish this season, but instead, he has it simplified to where his goal is to go all out on every single play. 

“I just want to give it my all,” Verse said. “I’ve never been like, ‘Oh, I want to be in this race, or oh, I need to get that award.’ That’s never been me. Whatever comes, comes. If I give it my all, everything will come with it.”