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Detroit Lions Finish First Week of Training Camp with High-Expectations for Season

Key points:

  • Detroit Lions finish their first week of training camp with high expectations for the upcoming season
  • Coach Dan Campbell praises the team's work ethic and intensity during practices
  • Graham Glasgow's versatility along the offensive line and Alim McNeill's improved agility are notable highlights

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is pleased with the team’s progress after the first week of training camp. He commended the players for their dedication and competitiveness during practice. The article also highlights the versatility of offensive lineman Graham Glasgow, the improved agility of defensive tackle Alim McNeill, and the steady growth of tight end James Mitchell. The Lions’ new defensive line coach, John Scott Jr., has already made a positive impression, and Campbell expressed his excitement about playing against the Kansas City Chiefs in the season opener.


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Detroit Lions Training Camp Notebook: Dan Campbell Reviews Week 1