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Fletcher Westphal found his ‘everything school’ in Florida
Fletcher Westphal committed to Florida in July. (Courtesy: @fletcher_westphal/Instagram)

Fletcher Westphal found his ‘everything school’ in Florida

LEESBURG, Va. (BVM) – Fletcher Westphal’s parents made sure he tried just about every sport growing up, even some of the non-traditional ones. It was a bit of trial and error, testing out things such as wrestling, tennis, gymnastics and even horseback riding.

Westphal now stands at 6-foot-8, 330 pounds for Tuscarora High School and is heading to the University of Florida on scholarship. He is not going there to ride horses with that size. He is going to Gainesville to serve as an anchor on their offensive line.

He is a consensus four-star recruit in the class of 2024 and is one of the very best players in the state of Virginia.

Westphal had plenty of scholarship offers to choose from, but he got his first taste of being recruited when he was in just eighth grade. Private high schools were reaching out to him, but he ultimately opted to stay local.

Despite the increased exposure he could have received at one of those schools, Westphal knew if he took care of business, he would get the same results in terms of his college prospects.

“If I’m good enough, they’ll come find me,” Westphal told himself at the time.

And he was right. They did find him.

Westphal racked up a total of 45 Power 5 offers before deciding to play for the Gators. As he went on these visits and explored different campuses, the future that was in store for him began to feel real.


“It was kind of eye-opening,” Westphal said. “It was like, ‘Hey, your higher education can be completely paid for regardless of where you’re at.”

He ultimately decided the place he wanted to be at was Gainesville.

“They were the everything school,” Westphal said. “A lot of the schools checked off 85 to 90% of the boxes. Florida checked 100% of them.”

Westphal views this as his crowning jewel up to this point. The chance to play SEC football at a program as prestigious as Florida is not something a lot of people get the opportunity to do and it is not something he takes lightly.

“Nothing else really comes close to it,” Westphal said. “I think it is a testament to how much work I’ve put in.”


He is not looking to let off the gas pedal to any extent as he expects to give it his all on and off the field at Florida.

While many expect a football player with the notoriety that Westphal has to not care about certain aspects of being a student-athlete, he could not be any further from that stereotype. The offensive tackle is a star in the classroom as well and prioritizes community service in his free time. 

Florida football is not only getting a very talented football player in Westphal, but it is also getting a young man who will represent the university to the highest level.

Photo: Fletcher Westphal committed to Florida in July. (Courtesy: @fletcher_westphal/Instagram)